What Are The High Requirements For Galvanized Steel Grating In Galvanizing Technology?




What Are The High Requirements For Galvanized Steel Grating In Galvanizing Technology

The future market prospects of galvanized steel gratingsare still relatively optimistic. Major construction companies and chemical companies have higher and higher requirements for galvanized steel gratings. Galvanized steel gratings will definitely be a wide range of applications. The implementation of galvanized steel grating has the most load-saving conditions under the same material, and the material of the support structure can be reduced accordingly. Save materials, labor, construction period, no cleaning and maintenance. The pre-installation of supports fixed by bolts or welding fixtures can be completed by one person. The product does not need on-site reprocessing, installation is very fast, hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion treatment before leaving the factory, strong impact and heavy pressure resistance.

Galvanized steel grating has certain requirements for the galvanized layer. Do you know which ones? Galvanized steel grating consists of a certain distance of load flat steel and cross bars, which are welded on the high-voltage resistance welding machine to form the original plate. After cutting, perforating, edge winding and other processes, it is further processed to form the finished product required by the customer, and then the surface is hot-galvanized or cold-plated.

Galvanized steel grating has high requirements for galvanizing technology. The thin and thick zinc coating of galvanized steel grating has relatively strict requirements. If the zinc layer of steel grating is too thin, it will lead to the leakage of galvanized steel grating. Phenomenon and so on. As a result, the galvanized steel grating reduces its corrosion resistance, which in turn affects the life of the steel grating. Too thick galvanized steel grating is not good. The thick layer of zinc will cause the zinc layer to fall off easily, which will seriously affect the quality of the steel grating.

Galvanized Steel Grating

Therefore, when galvanizing, it is necessary to do a good job of anti-corrosion work. Before galvanizing, pickling should be thorough, and iron oxide residues cannot be pre-oxidized. Otherwise, galvanizing cannot ensure that the zinc layer can be well attached to the surface of the galvanized steel grating. The zinc layer should not be too thin or too thick.

Currently, large-scale urban-rural integration has been implemented. Cities across the country have risen one after another, and the development of building materials has made great progress. This provides conditions for the development of the galvanized steel grating industry. In the current urbanization construction, it is inseparable from the construction of various underground facilities. At this time, the emergence of new material galvanized steel gratings provides excellent conditions for the complementarity of underground construction and ground construction, and makes urbanization construction more smooth. On the contrary, urbanization construction greatly promotes galvanized steel gratings. The development and progress of the board industry make its prospects very impressive.

It is very important to choose whether the galvanized steel grating product manufacturer is regular. Only the products produced by regular galvanized steel grating manufacturers can have a long period of time to meet the technical and hygienic requirements, and can adapt to many complex environments.

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